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Automated Unit Testing for C programs



통신 모듈 펌웨어에서
수십건의 crash 오료

​모비스 산학과제

자동 테스팅 기술로 분기 커버리지 90% 자동 달성 및 테스팅 인건비 50% 이상 절감

'18 LIGnex1

함정 전투체계에 사용되는 10개 프로그램에서 다수의 SW 결함 발견

'20 국가보안기술
​연구소 SW테스팅

보안장비 프로그램에서
​기존에 발견하지 못했던 신규 SW 결함 검출

  • What is CROWN 2.0

CROWN 2.0 is a fully automated software test solution that significantly increases bug detection power and  reduces testing cost for embedded C programs

  • Why CROWN 2.0

With CROWN 2.0, software quality and reliability can be improved cost-effectively through 100% automated test generation which are effective to detect bugs

  • How it works
  1. CROWN 2.0 analyzes target code and automatically builds test driver/stubs for unit testing

  2. AI-based Concolic testing engine automatically generates test inputs that exercises all possible execution paths of target unit under test.

  3. Then, CROWN 2.0 reports the achieved coverage and detected crash bugs.

  • Product features
  • Automatically build stub and driver code

  • Automated test case generation based on AI-based Concolic testing

  • Code-coverage report and analysis

  • Test case export to other tools such as VectorCast or ControllerTester

  • Easy-to-use web-based GUI interface

  • Highlights
  • 100% automated generation of test code/inputs 

  • High-quality unit test generation achieving >90% of branch coverage (or >80% of MC/DC coverage)

  • Easily integrated in current SW testing processes

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