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Innovative Automated SW Testing Tool

VPlusLab provides an innovative automated SW testing solution to significantly improves SW quality and reliability cost-effectively

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Innovative Automated SW testing

Its core is AI-based Concolic testing engine developed by KAIST professors and researchers for 10 years. It is a 100% automated SW testing solution without human labor, which tests all possible execution scenarios of a target C program

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C code

AI-based Concolic Testing Engine


 Search-based Fuzzing Engine

Driver/Stub Generator

Test Coverage and
Bug Report Generator

Unit Test Inputs  & Driver/Stub Code


Test Coverage/ Bug Report

Why CROWN 2.0

Achieves 90% branch coverage and 80% MCDC coverage


High Branch Coverage

High MC/DC


Test results on the automotive SW of Hyundai Mobis (0.2 MLOC)
published at Intl. Conf. on SW Engineering (ICSE) 2019

Saves 80% of manual labor for unit testing

Reduced testing man-month of Hyundai Mobis (30 MM -> 5 MM)



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CROWN 2.0 is actively used by Hyundai Motors to test SW of automotive components such as brake, steering and suspension.

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